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The Springbrook Athletic Booster Club consists of committed parents, alumni and friends of Springbrook High School supporting all Springbrook sports by raising money for needed improvements to the Athletic program. Come and join us at our open, monthly meetings, usually on the first Wednesday of every month in the Springbrook High School cafeteria at 7pm (see our calendar), or communicate your interest to us.

Some recent major purchases:
– Stadium lights for the athletic field (annual payments)
– In-ground automated sprinkler system for the upper field
– Head phones for the athletic field
– Video cameras and video disc copying equipment
– A new batting cage for the baseball field
– Basketball rims
– Aerator for the fields
– Chains for football
– Bridge to neighboring Meadowood practice field
– Weight room equipment
– Tarps for the stadium field
– Baseball and softball scoreboards
– Lawn mower for the fields
– Storage for the field equipment
– Hurdles
– Plaques for basketball state champions
– Upgrade for this ‘gobluedevils.net’ site
– Paint machines for the fields
– Many, many more!

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