Boys Soccer

Fall 2011

 V Coach  Wes Wise
JV Coach  Rodney Jean

Wed  Sept 7   7pm      at Poolesville  (JV 5pm)
Sat  Sept 10  TBA      at Southern (Optional Tournament)
Tue  Sept 13  7pm      at Einstein     (JV 5pm)
Sat  Sept 17  12N    H vs Gaithersburg (JV 10am)
Wed  Sept 21  5:30   H vs Northwest    (JV 3:30)
Sat  Sept 24  12N      at Rich Mont    (JV 10am)
Sat  Oct 1    2:30   H vs Wheaton      (JV 12:30)
Wed  Oct 5    5:00   H vs Pt Branch**  (w/girls V 7pm)
Mon  Oct 10   5:00     at Blake        (w/girls V 7pm)
Thu  Oct 13   5:00     at Sherwood     (w/girls V 7pm)
Mon  Oct 17   7pm    H vs Blair        (w/girls V 5pm)
Fri  Oct 21   7pm      at Kennedy      (w/girls V 5pm)
Tue  Oct 25   7pm    H vs Magruder     (w/girls V 5pm)

** this is an 'away' game being held at SHS

      Oct 28              1st round, regionals
      Nov 1               QF's
      Nov 4               SF's
      Nov 8               Regional Final
      Nov 11/12           State SF's
      Nov 17/18/19        State F's


Wed  Sept 7   5pm      at Poolesville (V 7pm)
Tue  Sept 13  5pm      at Einstein    (V 7pm)
Sat  Sept 17  10am   H vs Gaithersburg(V 12N)
Wed  Sept 21  3:30   H vs Northwest   (V 5:30)
Sat  Sept 24  10am     at Rich Mont   (V 12N)
Tue  Sept 27  4:30   H vs Pt Branch   (w/girls JV 3:00)
Sat  Oct 1    12:30  H vs Wheaton     (V 2:30)
Mon  Oct 10   3:30   H vs Blake       (w/girls JV 5:30)
Sat  Oct 15   12N    H vs Sherwood    (w/girls JV 10am)
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